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Can-did specialises in digital strategy. Whether this is social media marketing, influencer management, follower acquisition or cross-platform commercial strategy. Can-did is uniquely placed to help your brand realise its revenue potential based on real-life experience and proven track record.

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Welcome To Can-did
Digital Marketing Agency!

Can-did Digital Marketing Agency , Darlington, County Durham, UK

When it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency you need one with proven experience, truthful and straightforward. In other words, Can-did!

Whether you have a blog, are a Micro Influencer or even a retail site Can-did can help you realise the revenue potential. 

Can-did will work with you and your business to drive all areas of monetization and implement long term revenue streams to help grow your business, grow your audience, and actively introduce you to new opportunities.

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    Our Services

    Digital Marketing services - Revenue strategies

    Revenue Strategies

    Whether you have a blog, are a micro influencer or a retail site, Can-did can help you realise the revenue potential to help grow your business.

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    Digital Marketing services - Traffic and Follower acquisition

    Traffic & Follower Acquisition

    If you have great content, an amazing product or an engaging blog, growing your audience can be hard. We can help.

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    We have contacts across all revenue opportunities and can introduce, facilitate introductions, represent your brand and implement an agreed strategy depending on your business needs.

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    Whether your goal is to build your brand, increase engagement or drive traffic, Can-did can help. We work across all aspects of Digital, RTB, Native and Social

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    Graphic Design

    We understand that your business is important to you and brand synergy across all platforms is key. We work with all our clients to ensure all imagery is inline with brand values and consistent throughout.

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    Digital Marketing services


    Many businesses work with remote staff and promote flexible working but this can come with its own challenges. Can-did has years of experience managing remote teams and ensuring maximum efficiencies.

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    Bree. Digital marketer County Durham, UK

    Meet Bree, Our CEO

    Bree Stamp is an experienced digital specialist with a proven track record in the commercialisation of digital properties. Committed to driving revenue across multiple platforms and growing scalable commercial strategies for new and established brands.

    Bree has been lucky enough to experience and be a part of so many aspects of the digital mix. Throughout her career the sole focus has always been to generate incremental revenue for our publishers while safeguarding the user experience.

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