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Can-did Sales

Can-did Sales

Are you struggling to commercialise your digital properties?
Finding it challenging to build your brand with agencies and advertisers?
Is the cluttered marketplace making it difficult to understand what the right decision is?
Which parts of your commercial strategy should be outsourced?
Could you maximise revenue by bringing outsourced services in-house, but don’t have the expertise to make the move?

Can-did Sales is uniquely placed to offer a 360 degree solution encompassing commercial strategy through to brand sales and implementation. Can-did Sales will provide bespoke solutions built together with the client dependent on your individual business needs. Our offering is unique in that we actively encourage our clients to work with us to identify and capitalise on the many of ways that a business can increase revenue.

Can-did Sales specialises in selling on behalf of Clients across their digital properties, providing brand sales and long term sponsorships with advertisers. We also work with publishes to identify new revenue streams or identify new areas of revenue that can be bought in-house (e.g. network sales or operations). We build key industry relationships to provide long term trading deals and white label solutions.

Put simply, Can-did Sales will help your digital businesses make money and continue to save costs in the long term.

The team has over 40 years of combined sales and internet experience and has successfully generated revenue for 100’s of properties including BBC, Channel 5 and eBay while enabling the migration of certain divisions in house once the expertise had been transferred.

What we do for your business

We ‘ARE’ your sales team, everything an internal sales team would achieve, we manage for you. Including:

  • Brand and network sales.
  • Industry road shows.
  • Agency and advertiser account management.
  • Trading agreements.
  • Developing collateral.
  • Increase market awareness.
  • Sales and pipeline management.
  • Operations and reporting.
  • Launching new products and sales initiatives.
How we achieve the results
  • Evaluate all areas of the commercial offering.
  • Provide active on-going sales to ensure maximum revenue.
  • Recommend areas of change to allow cost saving.
  • Recommendations on the time frame for migration.
  • Implementation and execution of plan.
  • In parallel, we can provide recruitment, sales and operational training.
  • Provide full review of the new markets and business strategy for launches.
  • KPI management and review.

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Our experience Can-did adopts a collaborative approach with its clients, reviewing and challenging current commercial plans.