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Bree Stamp

Bree Stamp


BreeI went to The Media Exchange in the hope of finding a job in this industry I was hearing all about called media sales. I ended up being offered a role at TME as a junior consultant. Over the 2.5yrs I learnt a lot about various mediums, magazine, press, outdoor and of course online. I recruited people of all experience levels and managed a small team of junior consultants by the time I left.

I was eventually tempted by the roles that I was recruiting for and when some of the guys from Excite went to launch Ask Jeeves in to the UK I went to join them. I worked throughout the 2 years in both Sponsorship and Promotions and straight agency sales. In my final year I was top biller looking after the accounts for the two largest advertisers, eBay and Yell.

Then came the idea of Unanimis, the first brand site rep firm in the UK with launch clients including eBay, Lastminute and Ticketmaster. As one of the founders I have been lucky enough to experience and be a part of so many aspects of the digital mix and throughout the 10 years the sole focus has always been to generate incremental revenue for our publishers while safe guarding the user experience. Over the years my experience has spanned:

  • Development of commercial strategies for small and larger digital properties.
  • Multi platform development across mobile & web.
  • Multi Product development including mobile, web, video, lead gen, RTB & DMP.
  • P&L input for annual budgeting or launch investment.
  • Development roadmap for internal infrastructures.
  • Launching new departments including a CPA network, 1st party data network & Creative Solutions.
  • Creation of International sales division pre merger with OAN International.
  • Creation of systems and process’ for a variety of departments including; Trafficking and Ops, Publisher services, Marketing & Sales.
  • Business development and new business generation.
  • Development of technology including the seeding of ad serving tech.
  • The sale of Unanimis to France Telecom and the subsequent merging of teams and strategies.

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